Best Toys for Cockatiels

So you have decided to have cockatiels for a pet? They may not occupy a huge space and may not be as demanding as other animals, but they do have special needs that should be provided for them to make sure that they will remain satisfied and in their best health while under your care. And one of the things that you can offer these fun-loving, energetic, and smart birds are the best toys for cockatiels.

If you are looking for some of the best options, you will find some recommendations below to give you a good start.

Best Toys for Cockatiels

Cockatiels as pets

Great things do not come in huge packages all the time. Just like these lovely creatures.

Just like the interesting colors that they have, these beautiful, little things can be outstanding entertainers. They come with a huge personality with their singing, hopping around, and all the tricks that keep them busy throughout their active hours. These are not things that they do just for fun, however. As their energy is always up most of the time, they need to be entertained to remain happy and healthy.

It does not mean that you will need much to do so, however. There are just about a great number of ways that will do the trick without putting a hole in your pocket. You can keep your feathered friend satisfied even with simple items that you can offer in rotation just to keep the bird busy and contented.

Birds, like cockatiels, in their natural habitat are always hopping around, jumping in bushes, flying off from one branch to the another, and endlessly exploring the things around them.

To ensure that your pet birds will feel the same while in their new environment, you will need to provide them with a replica of their habitat. That only means that you will have to make sure that their living space will allow them to move about without feeling restricted, instead just enjoying the things that they would naturally do as if they are still in their usual habitat.

Best Toys for Cockatiels

Here are some options that you may consider when looking for toys for these birds:

Edible best toys for cockatiels. There are a lot of edible toys that you can offer to your cockatiels. Pinecones filled with fruits, nuts and seeds, organic wheat grass, flaxseed sprigs are just some of the treats that may place inside your birds’ cage and allow them to enjoy. Mineral block toys are also just as nutritious as they could also be enticing for your birds. (more…)

Horse Grooming Tips

Horses, like dogs, have always been a good companion to humans. Many have opted to keep these animals for entertainment and sports. But whatever the kind of horse or for whatever activity they are intended to engage in, providing adequate and proper care is of utmost importance to make sure that the foal will remain at its best while under the care of its owner. And part of the care that should be provided to a horse requires that the responsible owner knows some of the best horse grooming kit as these can greatly help you with the task of keeping your horse happy and healthy.

Horse Grooming

Horse Grooming Is Essential

Keeping a horse clean regularly is necessary for some obvious health reasons. Horses, unlike other animals, cannot groom themselves. They will need your assistance to have them tidy and smelling great. It is not enough that you provide the best stable and bedding for them. Daily grooming is as important as regular cleaning up of the horse’s stable as this will help ensure that your horse is in tip top shape all the time.

You can not just let your horse do its daily routine and wait for a couple of days before grooming the animal. Especially those horse that are regularly let out for riding activities as foreign matters and injuries can easily affect their overall health if taken for granted. No matter how long it takes to groom your horse, it still is an important aspect of providing adequate care for the foal and should always be a priority.

It is also during the process of grooming, the owner deepens the bond with the foal, so if you are still yet to tame a horse or would like to ensure that your horse is well kept, make it a priority to ensure that your horse is properly groomed. Even you have assigned someone to provide professional grooming services for your horse, it is just as important that you spend time to check on your horse to see if the horse was bathe and groomed properly.

Find the Appropriate Site

It is inevitable that you locate the best spot where the horse should be groomed. There should be enough space and where the animal will not be able to create a huge mess while being cleaned. Have the foal tied securely as this will help limit its movement within the area. It would also be helpful to have all the necessary tools and supplies within reach while grooming as this will not only save time but will make the process a lot easier to accomplish since everything that are needed for the purpose are already there. (more…)

Things to Consider When Getting a New Guinea Pig Cage

Guinea pigs are small domestic animals that make lively and fun pets. They spend most of their times inside their cage so it is very important that you have the right size of cage for your new pet and also you need to make sure that everything is outfitted with everything needed to make your cute furry guinea pig healthy and happy. Their basic needs include food, water, bedding and entertainment. Here are some guides that you can follow to make sure that your guinea pig has the right and comfortable cage:

Guinea Pig Cage

Consider the Size of the Guinea Pig Cage

Most of the guinea pig cages available in the market are too small. In fact, most of them can only house smaller pets like gerbils and hamsters. But what a lot of people don’t know is that compared to other animals, guinea pigs need floor space more than vertical space. Exercise is very important for guinea pigs hence they need ample room to move to stay healthy.

Therefore, if a cage is too small for them, your pet will become bored and depressed. Imagine placing yourself in their situation where you live in a very tiny room your entire life and you have to all your activity and stimulation in that tiny closet.

Small guinea pig cages are also linked to be the cause why guinea pigs develop certain medical conditions like pododermatitis (the equivalent of bed sores, but on their hocks), this medical condition is a result of too much sitting on soiled bedding.

If you have more than one guinea pig, it would be best if you get a larger cage so that each pet can have its own personal space and they don’t have to suffer from one tiny space. It is important that they can move freely in a big space to avoid being bored.

Larger cages also makes cleaning a lot easier because guinea pigs can separate their bathroom from their living area, unlike if it is too small, your pet has the tendency to mix his waste in his entire cage. (more…)

Light for Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos unlike most of the other animals have their body temperatures far more attached to the environment than anyone can ever fathom. Their survival and healthy highly depends on the availability of natural light for the provision of the required nutrients. Research indicates that leopard geckos use the environment as a means of body temperature control. If you have such an animal at home as a pet, you have to ensure that you provide an alternative source of UVB light. Otherwise, the health, comfort and survival of your pet will be at stake.

Sources of Leopard Gecko Light

Mostly, pet owners are advised not to keep their pet cages in places where sunlight can reach. Excess sunlight can overheat your animal and its habitat resulting in dehydration or death in severe cases. Also, taking them outside to bask in the sun might as well not be okay because you will be required to do it the same time every day. With the human busy days, such a schedule might not be possible hence leading to a situation where the animal does not get enough vitamin D. to avoid such an instance, you should consider artificial light for a leopard gecko. Through the use of heat and light bulbs, you can provide a thermogradient where you place a lamp at one edge of the cage where heat and light are at its maximum and less in the other corners. Where the bulb is placed, the temperatures during the day should range between 28 t0 30 degrees and 24 to 26 degrees at night.

Light for Leopard Gecko

At night, the temperatures in the cage should not be allowed to go below 18 degrees. The use of a ceramic heat lamp or a heat mat makes this possible. It is not only the heat from the lamps that are necessary but also light. The light spectrum of natural light is rich in vitamin D3 that is very essential to the gecko. Creating bulbs that have almost a similar spectrum has ensured easy keeping of leopard geckos as pets. If the environment in which the pet lives does not receive any UVB light, the survival of the animal becomes threatened. You can easily notice the obvious health issues that the animal starts to suffer from. These pets are crepuscular animals rather than nocturnal as it was earlier speculated. This means that they mostly tend to busk in dusk and dawn when the light is not so much. At such a time, their skin is able to absorb almost all the vitamin D that strikes it. They have the ability to absorb more UVB when the light is low in comparison with the other animals. This makes the best time for their busking to be the few hours when the sun is rising and when it is setting (more…)